Mink fur jackets in special prices from Kastoria Greece




Karamitsos furs label

The label is what gives the customer the satisfaction and guarantee, that they had bought a garment of the highest quality available.


Each set of skins come with their own label to assure the quality and the origin assurance of the skins.


Each auction house has their own labels and label system which are shown below.


For more information you can click on each label to get more info from the auction houses websites.




American Legend:


blackglama label





 Blacknafa labelnafa mink label


Kopenhagen Fur:

 Kopenhagen BurgundyKopenhagen PlatinumKopenhagen Purple



SAGA Furs:


 Saga furs




Sable label



Origin Assured:


Origin Assured


Greek Fur:


This is the new label issued by the Greek Fur Federations.

It is a label with serial number to confirm that your product is made in Greece, by Greek furriers, and is new.

You check it at the website www.greekfur.gr



 greek fur label