Mink fur jackets in special prices from Kastoria Greece

Welcome to our website!


Our new website is now live. You can visit it here: http://www.karamitsosfurs.com  


We are in the fur business since 1975 and we specialize in the creation of garments made, exclusively from high quality, mink fur. Of course we are not limited there and our very experienced staff can create garments from Lynx, Cat Lynx and Sable skins.


We work only with the highest qualities which we buy directly from the best auction houses in the world. These are: Blackglama from American Legend, NAFA Gold from NAFA, Burgundy, Platinum and Purple from Kopenhagen fur, και Saga Royal απο την Saga Furs. We buy all the skins ourselves, so that we can be sure for the quality we provide, but this allows us to have such competitive prices.


The garments we produce are always made from brand new skins, they are never worn and they have their tags to verify the auction house the skins where bought from, the quality, the origin assurance (OA) and that they are made in Greece.


Our factory and main showroom are located in Kastoria, Greece, the city with the greatest tradition in the fur garment production in the world!


We also cooperate with shops in U.A.E (Dubai), Russia (Moscow), Azerbaijan (Baku), Bulgaria (Neceber - Varna), Turkey (Antalya) and many other places all around the world.


For a glance of our best garments, or for more information on how to order something from us or just to contact us you can use the navigation panel on the top of the page. If you need something please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be very happy to hear from you and we hope that you enjoy your stay.